Friday, May 19, 2006

Conference finals and stuff...

Hey Dudes and Dudettes from all around the globe... (yeah, I wish)

Well, the Oilers are now in the Western Conference Finals. I thought that towards the end of the series, especially games 5 and 6, the Sharks just ran out of gas. Now I don't know if that's a tribute to the Oilers, who simply outworked them, or if it's just the Sharks just lacked the same resolve. I guess it must be a little bit of both. But to anyone out there who hasn't much of the Oil in this year's playoffs, I have to tell you that you're missing out on something great. It's not that the Oilers are making eye-opening passes, or beautiful tic-tac-toe goals, but the intensity and the heart they are showing on each and every shift is truly something to behold. Rarely have I seen a team, a whole team, put their bodies on the line like the Oilers are doing. And I hate to say it, because I'm not sure I believe, but this looks like a team of destiny.

But, in the end, I believe the Ducks are cut from the same fabric. They work hard on every shift, and just might be a bit more talented than the Oilers are. Their only question mark is in net, where Bryzgalov has been hot and cold all year. Right now, he's red-hot, burning-hot, and the question is will he falter somewhere in the series like Toskala did for the Sharks. Well, I don't think he will. And so I predict the Ducks will win in 6.

In the other conference, the Sabres will meet the Hurricanes. It's been said everywhere that both teams are mirror images of each other. I think that's true in the type of game they play, which is a sound defence, stretch-pass and speed down the wing up-and-down type of hockey. Another similarity is that they both have rookie netminders. But aside from that, when you look at the list of fowards, Carolina has some big name talent in there (namely Staal, Brind'Amour, Weight, Recchi, Whitney, Stillman) but Buffalo, a bit like Edmonton, has few names that are recognizable, yet it features some real scrappy guys with a knack to put the puck in the net at the right time. And unlike in the western finals, I think the team that will prevail here is the scrappy, hard-working team. I think Buffalo's fowards will prove to be too much to handle for young Cam Ward while, at the other end, Ryan Miller will stand tall. Buffalo in 7.

Now, on to other stuff... Some guy named Veillotron would like me to review Snoop Dogg's new album. Well, I pretty much think that would be a waste of everyone's time, as I don't know much about rap. Not only that, I don't necessarily like the genre. But you know what? Power to the people! And so, in my next edition of "The Dwarf's Musings", I will review Snoop Dogg's new album. Mr. Veillotron (weird guy that Veillotron), check back on Sunday for the review! Also on Sunday, I'll discuss a band I've been listening to a lot on the last few months, Stars. See you then!


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