Thursday, July 13, 2006

Samsonov signs with Montreal


Just to piss off Nick The Dick a little bit, I will discuss Hockey yet one more time. But this time around, we have real news to report: yesterday, after having sent Richard Zednik packing for Washington and acquired Mike Johnson from Phoenix, Bob Gainey inked Sergei Samsonov to a 2-year contract worth a total of $7,000,000.

While I really like Sergei Samsonov, I think that the other 2 moves are much more significant for the Canadiens. In a way, Samsonov is being brought in with the hopes that he can replace the production that Zednik once gave this team. Last year, Zednik went through a very long lethargy and then got lazy on top of it and quickly fell into Gainey’s doghouse. So Gainey and Carbonneau are probably hoping that Samsonov can pick up that slack. The only problem that I see is that the Russian might be a little too much of the same for Montreal. Samsonov is clearly not a physical player, and if he is to play on a line with either Koivu or Ribeiro and Kovalev, he might find that there isn’t much spac out there for 3 “not too big” guys.

I saw him play a lot towards the end of the season, when he got traded to Edmonton, and Samsonov was clearly more at ease when he was playing on a line with Raffi Torres and Jarret Stoll. Torres is a physical guy, and he created a lot of space on the ice for the diminutive forward to play with. But in the playoffs, Craig McTavish tried to play him with Stoll and Ales Hemsky, and then replacing Hemsky by Radek Dvorak, and while he had a few good moments, Samsonov was pretty invisible out there. I think it will be important for him to play on a line with either Higgins or Ryder, otherwise it might not take too much time for the fans to jeer him a little. Still, he is a good player, and he will help the power play a lot, so it is a good pickup.

Getting rid of Zednik was a must. He had to go, having become almost a cancer in the dressing room. Plus, knowing Samsonov was coming into the fold, his salary needed to be dumped. But personally, I think the best move of the day was acquiring Mike Johnson from Phoenix, for essentially nothing (a 4th round pick). At 6’2”, 200 lbs, Johnson is a pretty big guy. He is not the most offensively gifted player around, but he can still contribute offensively, as show his 54 points last year and 63 in 2002-2003. And while he normally mans the right wing, he is versatile enough to also play center (as he did when he played for Toronto and in parts of last year with Phoenix). What I like about him, also, is that he is very responsible defensively as well. He can kill penalties. He can be trusted in his own zone. Johnson is not a spectacular player, nor will he score 30 goals for the Canadiens. But what he will do is show up every night (unlike Samsonov, Ribeiro, Kovalev, Markov and others), he will hit, he will kill penalties, he will play whatever position Carbonneau wants him to play and he will contribute 15-20 goals on the year. And the fact is, the Canadiens do not have enough players like him, and that is why I like this pickup so much.

By the way, starting next Monday, I will begin my 2006 NFL Season Preview. This will be the place to come to know what your team will look like and how it will do. I will do this over 3 weeks, covering 2 divisions/week. On Monday, I will start with the AFC East.

Have a good weekend everyone!

Dwarf out


At 10:40 PM, Blogger Nick the Dick said...

Hey tu nous toujours pas dit si les Canayens allaient faire les séries en 2012 !?!?!?!?!?

Bon au moins avec une promesse de NFL, on va continuer à te lire! Moi je me pousse en Suisse pour la semaine... Ciao!

At 6:59 PM, Blogger Veillotron said...

OK, OK, LE Canadien de Mourial qui fait des bonnes transactions...

Je suis quand meme decu que Zed"nick the Dick" parte, il avait l'air d'un pirate... Je me demande d'ailleurs s'il a essaye de faire partie du film "Pirates of the Carribeans". Je ne crois pas que LE Canadien a aucun autre joueur qui ressemble a un pirate, et ca c'est bien dommage - tout le monde aime voir un pirate se faire ecraser la figure contre la bande, meme s'il est enrobe de la Sainte Flanelle.

Moi, je crois que le meilleur move que Gainey pourrait faire dans le off-season, c'est de re-signer pour une troisieme fois Oleg Petrov, et de reformer la ligne des Stroumfs avec KoivuKancer et So-so-Samsonov. Je crois q'Oleg aurait "la drive" (comm qu'on dit) de gagner, l'experience et la sagesse et les moves de fou. Et je suis sur qu'il jouerait pour le salaire minimum (il aime bien ca, le salaire minimum, le Petrov). Mais le plus important c'est qu'il a le CH grave sur le coeur.

At 7:12 PM, Blogger Veillotron said...

En passant, j'aime bien Ribero, mais il a vraiment l'air d'une grenouille - see for yourself:

Et Radek Bonk a l'air d'un clochard:

Et maintenant que j'ai vu la photo de Samsonov, je ne suis plus sur que je veuille qu'il joue avec Petrov. Je crois que Samsonov n'est nul autre que le mechant Leprechaun!!!
et compare-moi ca a ca!!!

At 8:07 AM, Anonymous huy said...

je sais pas pour vous autres guys, mais je trouve que nos discussion commence a avoir autant de pertinence et d'intelligence que ceux des "intello" de 110%. je pense qu'un break du hockey jusqu'en septembre serait pas une mauvaise idee.

At 9:20 AM, Blogger Veillotron said...

et c'est quoi le probleme avec 110%?
Mais j'avoue que ce blog a une fixation sur le sport et sur la musique...

At 10:35 AM, Anonymous huy said...

110%? rien du tout, c'est rempli de personnage intelligent avec un vocabulaire distingué. Des commentaires vraiment songé et pertinent. et surtout des opinions non biaisés.

si le blog est fixé sur le sport et la musique, ca decrit pas mal les interets de ton frere, pour ce qui est de ses autres interets, il fait bien de nous epargner les details.

At 3:16 PM, Blogger Veillotron said...

Protege, je suis fier de toi.
Cunning & Smart, commqu'on dit chez les Brits.
Je vote pour que la derniere replique de Protege soit nomme replique de la semaine
(en passant, ou est Dwarf? Ylitipas son propre blog?)
Protege, en passant, ton trophe est pas mal lourd. Je peux t'assurer que ma femme ne va pas apprecier que je mette ca dans les bagages. Mais ne t'en fais pas, tu auras ton trophe.

At 4:01 AM, Blogger Veillotron said...

Hello? Hellloooo?
Is there any Dwarf in the house??

At 11:12 AM, Blogger The Dwarf said...

Sorry guys for not being there so much these days. But I just found out that doing that NFL preview thing is quite long. I'm almost done with the AFC East, and I should be able to post my preview of that division tonight. Oh, na d since I will cover 4 teams per post, they'll be pretty long posts, so sorry about that.

As for Ribeiro, he does look like a frog.

See you guys tonight.

At 12:52 PM, Anonymous huy said...

I find So-so-nov looks more like that hobbit who helped Frodo enter Mordor.


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