Friday, September 15, 2006

Observations from Week 1 and predictions for Week 2 in the NFL

Hey all...

I'm sorry I haven't posted in a while, but it's been a crazy week. Hopefully, I can finish my 2006 NFL Preview this weekend and post my predictions for the last 3 divisions between now and Sunday. As for my Tuesday NFL Musings, its first official installement will come next week. For now, here is the unofficial first Tuesday NFL Musings, followed by my predicitons for the weekend.

Random observations from week 1

  • Is it me or are the annoucers and analysts just getting dumber every year? During the Bears-Packers game, the analyst (forgot who) said that Desmond Clark (TE for the Bears) is one of the best pass-catching TE's in the league, as proven by his stats. He followed that up by saying that Clark is due for a breakout season. What??? First, if he's one of the best, he's probably broken out already. Second, 51 catches (his best season in 2001) is hardly material for being called one of the best. In the Atlanta-Carolina game, the analyst talked about stick tackles (a tackle where the ballcarrier doesn't fall foward). So, as he was saying this, it was 3rd down and 6 for the Panthers. Delhomme threw it low to Keyshawn Johnson, who had to kneel down to catch it. The Falcons defender only had to touch him, which he did. The analysts' comment? "Now, that's stick tackle right there!". As my brother was telling me the other day, I don't know if it's because we're getting older and understand more, but the commentators seemed to have so much more insight when we were younger. Oh how I long for those days...
  • A quick follow-up on the Bryant McFadden comment of last week. We saw it all this week. Defensive players jumping around and acting like they just won the lottery for basically nothing. Move over Tom Cruise, there are others who want attention as well.
  • The Ravens sure looked good didn't they? McNair was sharp, the running game was good, and the defense, well, simply dominant. And you know what, I think that when healthy, the Ravens are one of the best teams in the NFL. I just think that come week 12, McNair probably will be sitting on the sidlines with an injury. I saw Ed Reed get up limping after making a tackle (he was ok though). I think if Ray Lewis will get hurt, as he has the last 2 years. I just don't see this team staying healthy. But if they do, watch out.
  • As for the Bucs, don't put too much in that game. Yeah, they looked terrible. But that O-line will get better. Simms will find a way to not get all his passes batted at the line of scrimmage. Cadillac will get in his groove. And that defense is a proud one, so they will bounce back.
  • Eli vs Peyton was a great game. I mean, it was worth the 3 hours just to see Plaxico Burress make those 2 incredibly athletic catches. And I don't really like Peyton, but good lord is he good. He faced huge pressure from the Giants front 4 all night, and he kept delivering those clutch passes. One thing though, if the Giants' DBs could hold on to balls, Manning might've been intercepted 3 times.
  • Some people are already calling for Jake Plummer's head in Denver. But people are dumb, and people have no memory. Remember 2005? The Broncos got clobbered by Miami in week 1, only to bounce back and win 13 of the next 15 games. And Plummer, after throwing 2 ints and 1 fumble in that game, was pretty good the rest of the year. The lesson here? Week 1 means as much as the pre-season, which is nothing.
  • Experts are split on Byron Leftwitch. One thing they all agree on, though, is that he is one tough guy. They should all agree that the guy can fit the ball into some really tight spots too. A couple of passes he completed last Sunday, only Brett Favre would've dared throw them. And he probably would've gotten picked off. Letfwitch made it look easy.
  • 1 last thing: The Bills will be better than people think. I have them at 8-8 in my NFL preview, and I feel pretty good about that prediction. Their defense was pretty good against the Patriots, although it faltered late in the game, when the Pats ran the ball down their throats during the last 6 minutes of the game. The offense also performed well enough. In the end, they took the Pats down to the wire and could've easily won the game. I don't see them winning in Miami, but games against the Jets (twice), Green Bay, Houston, Tennessee, Detroit and Minnesota all seem very winnable. I like this team, and you'll hear me say it all year.

Week 2 Predictions (games I ambetting on are in bold)

  • Cincinnati at Cleveland: Cleveland didn't look bad against the Saints, but they will against the Bengals. I pick Cincy.
  • Tampa Bay at Atlanta: The Bucs defense is fast, real fast. And they were humiliated last week. They will hunt and kill Mike Vick this week. I pick the Bucs.
  • Buffalo at Miami: Miami knows they have to win this to stay with the Pats. I like Buffalo, but without Takeo Spikes, it will be hard. I pick Miami.
  • Detroit at Chicago: Detroit's defense will hold the Chicago offense to under 20 points. The only problem is their offense probably won't score more than 10. I pick Chicago.
  • New Orleans at Green Bay: Reggie Bush will have a good game. So will Drew Brees. But Brett Favre will throw for 4 touchdowns. I pick Green Bay.
  • Houston at Indianapolis: I like the Texans. I like Gary Kubiak. I like David Carr. He's tough. But Houston looks like a roadkill after this game. I pick Indianapolis.
  • Oakland at Baltimore: I think the Ravens posting a second shutout this season and the Raiders getting shutout for the second time this season is a real possibility. I pick Baltimore . (My bet: Baltimore at -13)
  • NY Giants at Philadelphia: Battle for the NFC East begins here. NY is good. But McNabb is looking awesome. Brian Westbrook is healthy. The Eagles "D" looks awesome. I pick Philly. (My bet: Eagles at -3)
  • Carolina at Minnesota: Minnesota won against Washington but didn't impress me. Carolina is in trouble without Steve Smith and Dan Morgan. I think Smith winds up playing and Carolina wins. I pick Carolina.
  • Arizona at Seattle: This will be a shootout. Seattle will run wild. Arizona will air it out. In the end, Seattle gets the ball last and wins by a field goal. I pick Seattle.
  • St. Louis at San Francisco: Alex Smith looked good in his debut. I think he continues to look good here. Steven Jackson looks better. San Fran gets a chance to win it late, but don't. I pick the Rams.
  • Kansas City at Denver: Trent Green is hurt, but the Chiefs survive that. What they don't survive is a now porous O-Line, and the fact that they never win at Mile High. I pick Denver.
  • Tennessee at San Diego: The Chargers are loaded and coming off a shutout win. Kerry Collins looked liek he wanted to retire last week. Vince Young will be a worse QB than Mike Vick. I pick San Diego. (My bet: San Diego at -12)
  • Washington at Dallas. Bledsoe looked bad last week. But he practiced with Owens all week long. He will get pressured, but like McNabb did 2 years ago, when he does he will just throw it to T.O. #81 gets a big game. I pick the Cowboys.
  • Pittsburgh at Jacksonville. Roethlisberger comes back. He throws 2 td passes, while Willie Parker runs for one. Jacksonville's offense never gets on track. I pick Pittsburgh.

See you guys next week!

Dwarf out.


At 1:17 PM, Blogger Nick the Dick said...

4 TD for Brett Favre... un chausson avec ├ža?

At 6:10 PM, Blogger Nick the Dick said...

Before you post your projections for this week, I think you should comment on your performance of the week-end... We will find out if you know your stuff or not.

OK I'll give you that you came close with 4 TD's for BF (aka Big Fuck) but there was some holes in the defense...

Veillotron - another victory for Chelsea...any gossip to share?


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