Thursday, September 21, 2006

Week 3 NFL Picks


Well, this has been one wheck of a week for me. So, I'm ready for the weekend to arrive. Big time. But before I go on to my weekly NFL picks, let me say that the US will ride Tiger Woods all the way to their victory at the Ryder Cup this weekend. Normally, I would've predicted a US loss, but Sergio Garcia opened his big mouth and said Woods was a bad Ryder Cup player and he wished to play against him 2-3 times. Well, someone should've reminded Garcia that Woods has never lost after being badmouthed or challenged by an opponent.

Also, I have already started to look at what the NHL season will look like. I will stay away from making any predictions until my pool is picked though... I wouldn't want to give you guys pointers on who to pick. But I will say this: The Edmonton Oilers will get scored on a lot, but they will score buckets of goals as well. Looks like a promising season.

Now, onto my NFL Picks:

NY Jets at Buffalo: Chad Pennington has looked great this season. But he has no running game, and the Bills defense has looked even better. There won't be too many points getting scored in that one. I pick Buffalo.
Cincinnati at Pittsburgh: Cincy's defense is banged up. Roethlisberger won't get shutout again. But Carson Palmer and the Bengals will score more points. I pick Cincinnati.
Jacksonville at Indianapolis: The Jaguars made a statement on Monday night. And they always battle the Colts tough. But they always lose by 3 points. No different here. I pick the Colts.
Tennessee at Miami: Miami has had a rough start to this season. But the Titans just might be the cure. Look for Culpepper to get it together. Ronnie Brown will also run for over 100 yds as the Dolphins kill the Titans. I pick Miami.
Washington at Houston: 2 teams that are struggling. But the Texans were expected to struggle. The Redskins are in disarray. Rookie DE Mario Williams gets his 1st sack. I pick Houston.
Chicago at Minnesota: The Vikings are 2-0 but struggled against a bad Redskins team in week 1 and needed Carolina to shoot themselves in the foot to win in week 2. I pick Chicago.
Carolina at Tampa Bay: 2 teams going in the wrong direction. But Carolina should've won last week, while Tampa got killed. I pick Carolina (My bet: Carolina at -3)
Green Bay at Detroit: Favre will have an ok game (2 td's, 1 int). He won't make the big mistake, and his defense will hold on against a bad Detroit offense. I pick Green Bay.
Baltimore at Cleveland: As long as they are healthy, it's hard to pick against the Ravens. Especially when they play against the very bad Browns. This will be a blowout. I pick Baltimore (My bet: Baltimore at -7).
St. Louis at Arizona: The Rams are playing good defense, but bad offense. The Cards will put a lot of points on the board, and as weird as it sounds, the Rams won't be able to keep up. I pick Arizona.
NY Giants at Seattle: Deion Branch sees his first action as a Seahawk. Matt Hasselbeck loves him. Eli Manning again waits until the 4th quarter to wake up. This time it's too late. I pick Seattle.
Philadelphia at San Francisco: The 49ers are getting better, but they're not in the Eagles league yet. Jevon Kearse might be out, but this is still a great D-line. Sorry, Alex Smith. I pick Philadelphia (My bet: Philly at -6 ½)

Denver at New England: A rematch from last year's playoff. Bigger yet, both teams need to win to stay on top of their divisions. Plummer gets better in this game, but Brady is the best. I pick New England.
Atlanta at New Orleans: The Saints come back to the Superdome. The fans will go crazy. The Saints will be charged up. They will fight, they will claw, they will hang on for dear life. But it won't be enough. The Falcons will win by 3 in what will be the best game of the weekend. I pick Atlanta.

Season record: 9-7

By the way, Veillotron wrote a great, must-read comment on the last post. Check it out!

See you Monday!

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